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7 十一月 2018

Synventive and HRSflow fail to agree on license agreement renewal

Synventive and INglass S.p.A. entered into a technology license in 2014 that granted INglass, and its hot runner division HRSflow, access to certain Synventive intellectual property* that covers the use of electronic actuators and pin control of sequential valve gated hot runner systems. These technologies, primarily utilized in the automotive interior and exterior industry, improve the injection molding process and can minimize quality defects in the part. As a result of the 2014 technology license, HRSflow was able to commercialize its electronic hot runner, FLEXflow.

The 2014 technology license agreement between Synventive and INglass allowing INglass and HRSflow access to Synventive’s technology expired on November 6 2018. Because a new agreement was not reached by the license expiration date, new product manufactured by HRSflow after that date and covered by the subject Synventive patents and other patents issued since the license was granted will constitute a violation of Synventive’s patent rights. Synventive regards its investment in research and development of new technology, and the intellectual property that protects that investment, as fundamental to Synventive’s ongoing success. To that end, Synventive is committed to enforcing its intellectual property rights as necessary to prevent unjustified infringement of those rights.

*Licensed patents and foreign counterparts:
US Patent 6,294,122
US Patent 9,005,509
US Patent 9,011,736
US Patent 9,623,598
US Patent 9,636,858
EP Patent 2504145B1
EP Patent 2620266B1
EP Patent 2604408B1
China ZL201180040565.7
China ZL201410693084.1

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Barnes Molding Solutions is a strategic business unit within Barnes Group, which includes highly respected brands in plastic injection molding tooling, hot runners and controls, Synventive, männer, Thermoplay, Priamus, Gammaflux, and FOBOHA. Molding Solutions’ comprehensive portfolio of advanced technologies and value-added services delivers premium tool-based solutions where demanding specifications are required by global customers in the plastic injection molding industry across a broad spectrum of applications. For more information, visit www.BGInc.com.

About Barnes Group Inc.

Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE: B) is a global provider of highly engineered products, differentiated industrial technologies, and innovative solutions, serving a wide range of end markets and customers. Its specialized products and services are used in far-reaching applications including aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and packaging. Barnes Group’s skilled and dedicated employees around the globe are committed to the highest performance standards and achieving consistent, sustainable profitable growth. For more information, visit www.BGInc.com.
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