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20 三月 2019

Building and Construction applications get a coatings sustainability boost

Muttenz, March 7, 2019 – Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, today announced it will contribute more sustainability, safety, and even brighten up the urban landscape through new solutions to the building and construction industry’s challenges.

15 三月 2019

PureCycle Technologies携手美利肯和雀巢 推动塑料制品回收循环业务加速发展

Chicago, IL, USA – PureCycle Technologies宣布与全球工业制造商美利肯公司,以及全球最大的食品饮料生产商雀巢集团开展合作,从而进一步推进公司的最新计划——开设第一家采用变革性回收循环技术对废旧聚丙烯塑料原始性能进行“完美复原”的工厂。

13 三月 2019



13 三月 2019

SABIC沙特基础工业公司的四款热光树脂成为首批加入ZEMAX OPTICSTUDIO®数据库的热塑性树脂

5 三月 2019

Clariant launches innovative VITIPURE® solutions helping to reduce the added sugar consumption in China at FIC 2019

• Clariant’s VITIPURE® SR series enable food and beverage producers to reduce unhealthy levels of added sugar in their products without compromising sweet taste and mouthfeel.

5 三月 2019

Chemical search platform Chemberry™ set to up support for Personal Care industry and more

• New enhancements in 2019 for the comprehensive intelligent search and compare engine for specialty chemicals

1 三月 2019

凯柏胶宝® 热塑性弹性体带来舒适的设备防滑保护壳

西班牙著名品牌 Circutor SA 选择热塑宝® K 系列产品, 制作其新型

22 二月 2019

PPG, PPG Foundation Invested More than $9 Million in Communities Worldwide in 2018

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 21, 2019 –PPG (NYSE: PPG) recently announced that PPG and the PPG Foundation invested more than $9 million in communities worldwide in 2018. The funds, which support community sustainability and educational programming, will positively impact hundreds of community organizations in 28 countries where PPG employees live, work and play.

22 二月 2019


美国休斯敦市,2019年2月20日---全球最大的一体化尼龙6,6树脂生产商奥升德功能材料任命吴贤亮 (Kevin Wu) 博士为全球高级副总裁兼亚太区董事总经理。吴博士将负责领导奥升德在这一地区的业务发展以及增长战略的制定。

22 二月 2019

Clariant helps agricultural industry achieve better yields with cutting-edge crop solutions

• Highly effective SynergenTM series adjuvants improve harvest significantly